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Hudson's Mill is renowned first for its mouth-watering rib-eye steaks, but it is also fast becoming a hangout for middle-aged professionals with a penchant for top-notch wines. Stylishly furnished, with a professionally run bar and impressive wine room, Hudson's Mill looks more Manhattan than Massapequa. Diners can sample the fried calamari with spicy marinara, or for an entree, the mahi-mahi with sweet-potato fries and mango-jalapeno chutney. All desserts are created in-house, while the wines are hand-picked by the owner. While bottles start at $20, there is nothing over $70, including a Ninth Island pinot noir from Tasmania. There is also a long list of sandwiches and pasta dishes, perfect for a working-lunch with some panache. Hudson's Mill is well-lit and the staff are friendly and fun. Diners are invited to stick around after eating, as the bar has a life of its own, especially on weekends -- a trendy place to eat and socialize without the commute into Gotham. -- Simon Van Booy